Discover the Miracle of Virgin Coconut Oil to Restore Hair Health and Growth

 When it comes to healthy re-growth for damaged hair Coconut Oil is a wonder miracle. It serves as a natural nutrition for your hair and continues to provide healthy growth for hair.

Ever wanted to know how particularly Indian women hair always maintain shiny healthy looking complexion? Their secret is Coconut oil which they use in massive form.

The beauty about Coconut Oil is that it works for virtually all races and hair types! This is mainly because for hair Coconut Oil provides the essential proteins that nourishes damaged hair. Operating as carrier oil which is often used in hair conditioners and even dandruff agents.

For hair virgin Coconut Oil works best because it holds nutrients and antioxidants. If you are experiencing hair loss the one thing your hair is lacking is lauric acid. Typically, hair loss is the result of hair falling and thinning causing microbial occurrence on the scalp and roots. To prevent this you need antimicrobial agents to stop hair loss. Coconut Oil actually contains lauric acid which is an agent that fights microbial action.

Coconut Oil in liquid or solid form is fine, pure Coconut Oil turns solid at less than 76 degrees F.

If your hair is not healthy no cream, lotion, or pill will make hair grow. Coconut Oil can restore health of hair and scalp. By riding hair and scalp of disease Coconut Oil produces healthy hair growth. You must fight the root of the problem first and healthy diet must also be maintained. What you put inside your body strongly influences the outward results.

Coconut Oil Hair Routine

Daily Use: Apply virgin Coconut Oil to hair as a light styling agent. Works well as a heat protective agent for flat ironing and heat appliances.

Conditioning: Make it a practice once or twice a week to massage virgin Coconut Oil into hair and scalp. Coconut Oil makes a wonderful conditioner. After washing hair with a natural shampoo apply virgin Coconut Oil to damp hair and scalp. Allow to sit for 30 minutes or longer and rinse.  

Intake: Add Coconut Oil to your diet, take 3 tablespoons daily.


Coconut Oil Hair Growth Formula

When used in combination with essential oils virgin Coconut Oil can produce maximum hair growth to the highest potential. The fact that virgin Coconut Oil is so light and serves as carrier oil that restores the health of hair and scalp adding it to hair growth essential oils produces maximum results.

Try this wonderful combo:                                         


1 Cup Coconut Oil

1 Cup Coconut Milk

2 Tsp Tea Tree Oil

5 Tsp Brahmi Powder

2 Tsp Aloe Vera

1 Tsp Tulsi Leaf Paste (Paste or Powder)

First mix brahmi powder, tea tree oil, aloe vera and tulsi paste or powder. Then add Coconut Milk and make sure to mix very well. Last add Coconut Oil and mix together. Stir with a long spoon and heat on low flame. Let mix together and it is ready. DO NOT allow to burn should be not too dark in color.

Once it cools store in glass bottle or ceramic container.

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